The self-improvement game.

Culture is defined by how you innovate and execute new strategies, communicate and educate employees, operationalize new systems and processes, and reward and recognize behaviors.

S.I.G assesses micro-aggressions and racial sensitivity, social competencies, to influence and reinforces six core competencies essential to any organizations culture. The game uses scenarios to teach "courage, respect, openness, commitment, focus and empathy" (FORCCE).   These are the behaviors Agile organizations need to exhibit in the workplace, if they are to adapt to market needs. SIG helps develop your cultural competency to create a sustainable corporate culture that can consistently achieve strategy realization.

What behaviors are expected of them when working as a team.

What core competency they need to improve.

What diversity is.

What micro-aggressions are.

How racial sensitivity may impact.

The need for being inclusive.

What your talent will learn...

How your company can use it...

Customize the questions/scenarios to address the needs of your organization.

Customize the values to align them with those of your organization.

Identify champions of your organization's values.

Identify those in need of further training.

You can onboard with it to ensure your company values resonate with new hires.