Play is a voluntary activity or occupation executed within certain fixed limits of time and place, according to rules freely accepted but absolutely binding, having its aim in itself and accompanied by a feeling of tension, joy and the consciousness that it is “different” from “ordinary life”.

Johan Huizinga

Scrum Master Blueprint to Agile Coaching

In Scrum Masters Blueprint to Coaching you get a simple step-by-step system to follow. It’ll help you become a strong Scrum Master and accelerate your path to Agile coaching faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Why the SM Blueprint?

Discover a step-by-step guide for building Scrum Master skills and managing high-performance teams.

This course covers everything needed to sit for the PSM1 and pass with confidence.

A full capabilities path to agile coaching that teaches any level of scrum master, from Tenderfoot to Guru.

What's the Scrum Master's Blueprint to Agile Coaching?

I'm really fortunate that you are willing to share your knowledge and expertise on Scrum. Again, thank you very much. You've been a big part in the start of my scrum journey.

Sandy Marie Villaflor

They say Scrum is easy to learn but difficult to master—but that’s only because most Scrum courses aren’t designed to help you master it! A Scrum Master’s Blueprint to Coaching offers everything you need to master.