The eternal gulf between being and idea can only be bridged by the rainbow of imagination.

Johan Huizinga


Interactive lets you concentrate on creating content while providing an environment learner’s want to go to!

What's Interactive?

The rich gamification functionality of Interactive allows for active learning. Whether the learner is jumping across to test their skill retention or going through lessons, there is plenty of opportunity to earn badges and level up. Interactive not only raises the bar on gamification, through its animation, graphics, and safe environment where learners can fail fast and fail often, it is the solution for engagement.

Interactive is a conduit for change, it allows the content developer or talent developer to concentrate on their content, Interactive does the rest!

Why Interactive?

Interactive helps your training content to the next level by gamifying the experience using Badges, Leaderboards, Rewards, Character customization. Increasing productivity, and creating an engaging place to work where people feel good about being there and doing their jobs.


Motivate learners to learn and enhance learning by engaging learners.


The game is on! Learners are able to see their own results, and each time they go in, they try to be better than the last time. They can see their own results, and compare their score to other learners.

Better learning environment

Imagine a virtual environment where learners can experience a safe place to learn.