Play is a voluntary activity or occupation executed within certain fixed limits of time and place, according to rules freely accepted but absolutely binding, having its aim in itself and accompanied by a feeling of tension, joy and the consciousness that it is “different” from “ordinary life”.

Johan Huizinga


Hephaestus is designed to teach agile leadership skills to assist organizations in understanding the behaviors necessary for agility.

Agile leadership is essential for organizations to truly support agile transformations. This course creates an environment where leadership can explore and learn the 3 C's of Agile Leadership.

What's Hephaestus?

Hephaestus is an online video game course on agile leadership in which users learn and apply strategies, techniques and tools to develop and improve their agile leadership skills.

The game’s futuristic and scifi setting takes the learner to a safe environment where they are challenged with the task to give Hephaestus a fighting chance and an opportunity to become relevant again. The chances of success will depend on the learner's ability to strategize, manage, and motivate the crew.

Why Hephaestus?

"Agile leaders need to go beyond adopting an agile mindset. They must also have the competencies, capabilities and capacities of an agile leader" Agile Consortium

Build your Agile Leadership skills necessary to effect true Agile business change that support Agile transformations.

Enhance your communication skills and improve your ability to provide feedback, empower. inspire, unify, reflect, and develop others.

Plenty of opportunity to improve, vary, adapt over time and lead by example in a forgiving environment.