"The eternal gulf between being and idea can only be bridged by the rainbow of imagination."


Johan Huizinga



An Agile Solution!

That can be tailored made for you. Designed to 

re-engage your teams, help them learn to collaborate and improve their productivity. Get your teams to be Agile in a fun and sustainable manner. 

What is Interactive?

Interactive is a conduit for change, it allows the Coaches, Trainers, Scrum Masters, Talent Developers, and Managers to concentrate on their work, Interactive does the rest!

Interactive is a game platform designed for teams to learn to work together. The rich gamification functionality of Interactive allows for active learning. Whether the learner is jumping across to test their skill retention or going through lessons, there is plenty of opportunity to earn badges and level up. Interactive not only raises the bar on gamification, through its animation, graphics, and safe environment, it helps motivate individuals. 

Instructor Led
Why Interactive?

Here are some things Interactive can help you with.


  • Interactive helps take your training content to the next level by gamifying the experience using Badges, Leaderboards, Rewards, and Character customization. Increasing productivity, and creating an engaging place to work where people feel good about being there and doing their jobs.

  • Place your teams or course participants in one virtual room. Have them do exercises together or individually.


  • Facilitate retrospectives in a fun and engaging way.


  • Challenge your teams with mini exercises that helps them learn to collaborate and get them from storming to performing



Lessons don't have to be a drag! Create capability paths by employee, that are achievable. Create group roles and assign lessons to learners with ease.



The game is on! Learners are able to see their own results, progress and each time they go in, they try to be better than the last time.