Changing Behaviors

Developing a culture conducive to change, requires teams to embrace Agile principles and values.  When teams understand how their behavior influences a company's performance, companies thrive.  As a result teams improve productivity, have higher job satisfaction, and are engaged. 

Akeakami Quest
Team Building game

This is a survival game set on a fictitious island called Pumaka. The game is designed to improve communication, strategy, collaboration, and improve team performance. The team is placed on Pumaka, one of the disappointment islands known for its erratic and harsh terrain. To survive under these conditions, the team must find the nine crystals of life; earth, fire, water, air, wood, wind, spirit, light, and shadow hidden by the trickster god. The nine crystals balances the islands atmosphere, making it habitable again.

Is your team ready for the challenge?

It is up to the Akeakami team to use communication and teamwork to succeed in recovering Pumaka. Read what Forbes has to say about Akeakami Quest.

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Self Improvement game

Culture is defined by how you innovate and execute new strategies, communicate and educate employees, operationalize new systems and processes, and reward and recognize behaviors.

S.I.G assesses micro-aggressions and racial sensitivity, social competencies, to influence and reinforces six behaviors essential to any organizations culture. The game uses scenarios to teach "courage, respect, openness, commitment, focus and empathy" (FORCCE).   These are the characteristics Agile organizations need to exhibit in the workplace, if they are to adapt to market needs. SIG helps develop your cultural competency to create a sustainable corporate culture that can consistently achieve strategy realization.


Leadership Game

Coming Soon