Human Resource Professionals:
How to get your employee engagement From 60% to 80% in 6 months

“Companies spend over 7 billion US dollars globally on employee engagement initiatives

(Turney, 2021)".


Who is this for?

If you are struggling to get leadership buy in.

If you are frustrated that you can’t make a difference in your company culture.

If you hate going into work.

If you are just as disengaged as everyone else in your company.

If you feel you have become part of the problem.

This is for you.

Who is this not for?

If you don’t have the commitment to making a difference.

If you don’t feel passionate about people.

If you can’t hold people accountable to making change happen.

If you struggle with finding your voice.

If you don’t see the need to make the culture shift in your company.

This is not for you!

Hands Up

Changing Company Culture

Here’s the truth, you can achieve transforming company culture using google forms, standard surveys, excel, Glassdoor reviews, engagement platforms, and Agencies.


However, these tools fail to engage employees sustainably, not because they aren't good tools, but because those using the tools are not equipped with the skills it takes to implement sustainable change.

We are the only people dedicated to solving culture sustainably for companies.


I founded the company in 2012, coaching teams and leaders in agility. As a consultant I worked with companies such as Bose, Bank of America, Lowes, LexisNexis, Johnson and Johnson,  NBC-Telemundo, and Madison Square Garden to name a few. The method I described above is what I used to help influence culture. I am currently completing my MBA in Business Administration, I am a Certified Agile Coach and Business Agility expert. I was featured in CIO Review, and our work was mentioned in Entrepreneur.

During my 10 year time as a consultant, and 20 years working with teams, I realized my passion was to make sustainable changes to improve the work life of many. I found the problem was not just the individuals I coached, but the company culture which starts with senior leadership. 

After an endless search for a tool that would help me engage and influence others, I took matters into my own hands. After many interviews and discussions about the problem, the Interactive platform was born with the Self Improvement Game (SIG).


This is how you start

Make a compelling case...

You can use cases like Best Buy, they’ve been able to predict how employees will impact store performance. A 0.1% increase in employee engagement results in an increase of over $100,000 in the store’s annual income (Ng, 2015). Best Buy embraces what they call “human magic” and believe when the company’s purpose aligns with their employees search for meaning, it unleashes human magic that results in “irrational performance” (Forbes, 2021).

Culture Strategy

Mapping your organization's strategy and value proposition to engagement activities enable you to deliver this value proposition better while keeping you on track

Communication Plan

To implement a massive change like engagement it will require communicating the goal, articulating the vision, communicating the value, and communicating the empowering of management to implement the change according to the vision. Communicating empowerment is critical to holding management accountable.


Assessing what employees believe the company culture is, how they feel they are treated, and what values resonate with them is instrumental to getting buy in. You want to make sure you make employees feel part of this culture shift. If the values resonate with them that is half the battle.

Organizations like General Electric (GE) run surveys randomly to employees, with the idea to get employee feedback constantly. For organizations like GE which has more than 300,000 employees, this approach makes more sense than trying to do one annual survey (Ng, 2015). Assess faster with a pre-built culture question template that categorizes questions for you removing the second guessing out of it.


The analytics that can come out of the baseline will be instrumental in identifying key areas to improve. They will also be very helpful when making business correlations. To get better value from analytics automate your process, it's more efficient and less error prone. This allows for correlations between customer satisfaction, revenue, and employee engagement. Map company values to behaviors to keep a pulse on your company culture.

Training Program

Teach managers how to manage and whose life they impact the most (Lencioni, 2007). Much like senior leadership, management needs to be convinced to engage their employees, to find out how they impact their lives. So, show them how their team objectives can be met, by taking care of their employees.

Targeted learning improves engagement and can improve your company bottom line. Apply this to both managers and employees.

Employee Recognition Program

Recognizing employees for the difference they make doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be a simple thank you sent out to that person. It can be a shared post so others can join in. 

Onboarding New Hires

Touch base with new hires frequently to check how they are doing. Ensure they are getting the necessary training and that they understand the processes and procedures that will help them succeed. 

Solving for engagement will require you to rebel against the status quo.

So, as you can see, all you need to do is get leadership aware of the benefits and their role in driving engagement, create a communication plan that will help keep momentum, identify the tools necessary to drive culture, create a training program for senior management and managers, assess employees, identify champions & ambassadors, and create a development program around core competencies, and you can obtain 80% engagement in six months. 


A few ways you can achieve engagement.

Hire Consulting Agency 

Hire a consulting firm to assess employees and do the analysis for you. However, this is extremely expensive and it is only part of the solution. To bring in a consulting company to drive engagement will cost millions, and may not be sustainable. 

Do it yourself

Do what many companies  have done, do it themselves. Now this may cost less than a consulting firm up front, but it is very inefficient and the experience needed to ask the right questions, transform the company culture, and get the momentum is not there.

Work with us

You can work with Agile Literacy to do it better, faster, cheaper, and get a single tool where you can create a culture strategy, assess, identify champions, offer core competency training, build momentum, and get the coaching you need to do it yourself.

Again, this is for Human Resource and Learning and Development professionals responsible for changing the existing culture of the organization to improve employee engagement, and productivity, but are struggling with how to start, or get buy-in from their leaders.

summary Radar_edited.jpg
When you work with us...
  • You will be able to deploy your culture strategy faster. 

  • You will be able to assess and analyze results more effectively.

  • You will be able to map your company values to core team behaviors

  • You can get your engagement score to 80% if you execute properly. 

  • You can identify and target those employees who need soft skill training

  • You will feel empowered, confident, and motivated.

Remember when...


You wanted to create a strategic culture plan, you would have to fidget around in PowerPoint, till you were frustrated moving around widgets.


Now, you can use this simple strategic roadmap to connect activities without having to guess what the progress is.


You wanted to assess employee engagement you would have to use a survey provider and excel to analyze the data.


Now, you can use this simple mood tracker and affinity diagram to assess and identify where the company needs to improve without exporting surveys to excel manually.


You wanted to track company culture on an ongoing basis, you would have to manually compare to the baseline kept somewhere in an excel sheet. 


Now, you can use this simple self-improvement game to track progress more efficiently.


You wanted to identify employees who champion company values and those who need help, you would have to drive blindly.


Now, you can use this simple self-improvement game to identify champions, ambassadors, and abecedarians without driving blindly.


You wanted to identify the core competencies employees needed to upskill, you would have to guess. 


Now, you can use this simple learning platform to identify and train employees on the core competencies they need to improve.


You needed a way to map your company values to behaviors, you would have to manually do this.


Now, you can use our system to map behaviors necessary for optimal team performance to your values.


Now if you wanted to get all this job done before using consulting agencies, it would cost you over $500,000.00 and more like millions. If you are doing this with surveys, you are simply driving blind and that costs your company millions in disengagement. We are a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you get:


Culture Strategy Plan

This will allow you to map strategy to activities and be able to determine progress. This is valued at $5,000.00


Mood Tracker Game

This will allow you to survey employees in a fun way. This is valued at $10,000.00  


Self Improvement Game

This will allow you to track company culture on an ongoing basis. using game simulation. This is valued at $25,000.00 


Learning Platform

This will allow you to create learning programs to develop employees. This is valued at $8,000.00


Identify Champions/Heros

This will allow you to identify those who champion company values and those who don’t. This is valued at $8,000.00


Value System

This will allow you to map your company values to behaviors. This is valued at $15,000.00

Total Value is $71,000.00



Limited Time Offer 

If you book your strategy session today, I will give you limited time offer on your purchase. In addition, we are going to do something extremely special: 

For a limited time, we are going to offer you our one-on-one coaching support to help you kick off your Culture Strategic Plan if you act now.


We can only take on 20 new customers per month so make sure you grab your spot, or you will miss out.


Of course, we back everything up with a 30 day guarantee.
Meaning if we don’t deliver on our promises, you get your money back.

So, let's summarize this offer...

You get: 

  • Strategic Culture Plan

  • Mood Tracker

  • Self-Improvement Game

  • Identify Champions

  • Learning Platform

  • Company Value System

  • One on One Coaching

  • Money back guarantee


Now some of you may be asking or thinking:  

Will this work if working remotely?

Well, yes. Our platform is Cloud based, so no matter where your employees are working from, they can log in.

This wont work for


There are many types of games. Simulation games which are widely used by companies such as NASA, Google, Walmart, and Amazon are known to enhance learning. 

Will this work for me if I'm outside of the United States?

Yes, the system will work outside of the US, but General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) may apply in some countries and States. 

How do I justify the cost to my manager and leadership?

This is a great question, you can justify the cost using the cost of disengaged employees, and the cost of employee turnover.

What are the exact terms of the guarantee?

If our platform is not more efficient, engaging, and interactive we will refund you your money within 30 days.

Are there any long-term contracts?

We have an annual subscription plan, there are no long-term contracts. 

You don't have time

We created question and strategy templates for this reason. 


Mood Tracker

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