The Perfect Setting The Worst #Agile Transition

Leonor Urena

The Scrum Pods were just a facade. Nepotism Driving Team Behavior!

The backlog and the teams were riddled with issues and a heavy thick atmosphere lingered through air.  In the daily stand ups the elephant in the room was always present.  As I peeled the onion skin back I found out there was a connection between one of the developers on the team and the new head of development. No wonder the team did not want to raise any issues.  There was no trust!  Who can blame them? Really!  This person had to be related.  Everything the team said was heard by the head of the department. It even went as far as "I am going to tell so and so.." when he was confrontational.  As the title states it The Perfect Setting The Worst Agile Transition. What a disfavor this was to this young and inexperience kid.  Instead of teaching the reality that no where else would his behavior be tolerated, he was encouraged.  He will come to a rude awakening if he does what he did to his team members somewhere else. I raised the issues to the program manager and to the individuals direct reporting line. Neither were surprised.   Trust is at the core of a productive team and this team could not trust what they say would stay within the team!

Without trust things fall apart!

Things did fall apart quickly for this agile transition. Individuals were asked to spy upon others (contractors) to make sure they were working.  People were placed at odds with each other. A heavy change of culture manifested itself in a short time period. The corporate culture plagued each team, despite this they still tried to deliver working software. But the head of technology had his own agenda.

Successful agile transitions require commitment!

Perhaps this was happening all along and I came in at the very end to see it all fall apart. But, an organization who invested so much in the pretense of being agile would have been better served not making that effort never mind the expense.  Why pretend? Why not just stay with what you have if you are not going to put the effort required? Successful agile transitions require commitment to stay on course!  A half baked attempt will be transparent despite the facade. Have you experienced something like this?  Do you think trust is at the core of a synchronized team? How committed is management in your Agile Transition? Join me in "greening the landscape"!

It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea.

John Ciardi

About our guest writer

Sustainable Games
I am an Agile coach with a passion to help teams to collaborate, strategize, cooperate and to deliver solutions that are in direct support of strategic initiatives. An agile transition is all about people and interactions and that is my concentration. I apply gamification, and proven techniques to motivate teams. Through these techniques I support teams to drive specific behaviors that contribute towards more effective, productive and harmonious working relationships regardless of the methodology or framework used.

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