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"The most success that we had from the game came through strategizing how to complete the levels while communicating how to move through each level as different characters. This trend of our success as a team came after failure, as we failed the level by running out of time. I think it is there where we saw change and team building in action because group morale and success changed after we employed these two methods during the game . Having to strategize and communicate helped our team building because it gave our group a common vision to reach."

                                                                                                Fidelity Solutions Team

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Looking to Improve Your Team's Performance

Online Workshops: A Remote Experience for Teams and Work Groups

Make sustainable change to your team's performance with our proprietary game the Akeakami Quest. Our tool for Experiential Virtual Team Building.  Our online team building trainings offers a 3-hour deep dive Agile and Scrum Training with FORCCE teaching key principles and best practices for better teamwork.

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What Your Team Will Learn...

Using the Akeakami Quest, teams will be placed in a virtual world where they will need to strategize, communicate, and learn to work together. Throughout the course we will help teams to build with FORCCE (Focus, Openness, Respect, Commitment, Courage, and Empathy). The following discussions will follow each exercise:

  1. Scrum best practices

  2. The need for diverse and inclusive teams.

  3. Building trust within the team

  4. Courage to hold your team accountable

  5. Respect within the team.

  6. Self-Organize Teams.

  7. Manage team meetings wisely.

  8. What can be applied immediately to start doing.

What's Akeakami Quest?

We use this survival game which is set on a fictitious island called Pumaka to help learners form as a team. Pumaka is one of the disappointment islands, known for its erratic and harsh terrain. To survive under these conditions, the team must select the very best of its champion warriors to find the nine crystals of life; earth, fire, water, air, wood, wind, spirit, light, and shadow hidden by the trickster god. The nine crystals balances the islands atmosphere, making it habitable again. Teams are forced to communicate, strategize and collaborate.

Is your team ready for the challenge? ​

Akeakami Quest Is A Serious Game
Serious Games are suitable for aiding and enhancing learning in various educational settings. 


Instructor Led Online Training

Cost Effective

No matter where your team is located, this game brings them together.


Teams learn as they are having fun.


J. Higman

I think as a team we learned how to communicate better with assigned tasks. At the beginning of the game, we were running around, unsure of what to do. As we restarted each session, the tasks become more clear.

C. Catrett

The experience was fun yet challenging. Strategy and teamwork were key components in the game.

I learned about our team and what positions we had in our team dynamic. It was interesting to see how after the first few attempts to complete the first game we had already learned more about how to communicate effectively.

Z. Hurst

-It is good to have a plan prior to playing
-After every play, we learned a new strategy
-Be aware of time
-Communication is key

-Strategically Challenging
-Teamwork and communication is important when deciding when to jump and which rocks to select.

It was very fun, I wanted to keep playing


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Help your teams to learn to collaborate, strategize, communicate, and perform better.

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