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We provide an Agile solution to help engage teams to improve performance.

Welcome to Agile Literacy. We are changing the way companies increase employee engagement through a proprietary gamification software developed from over 20 years of experience! Our mission is to help you make lasting change in your organization through simulation, and thereby changing the day to day life of employees. We aim to provide the fixed limits of time, place, and the rules to play by for better learning. Better learning leads to better performance. Avoid performance issues (performanceitis) by re-engaging your teams.  Join us to change behaviors in a sustainable and fun way.

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Our Story

As an Agile Coach for many years, I got to experience first-hand why agile transformations fail. I saw how individuals were set for failure, often times thrown together without giving them time to form, and other times asked to change the way they work over night. I found many fail due to lack of commitment, failure to lead, and not understanding the time a journey such as this takes. At the heart of these failures was a cultural misalignment to agile ways of working.

So, I started to experiment with teams in an attempt to raise moral and engage with gamification. I was let in my many and successfully transformed individuals, I found a sustainable solution. One in which individuals get to learn and be assessed in a safe environment, where they can let down their guard.

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