Symptoms Include:


  • Lack of Accountability

  • Disengagement

  • Missed Deadlines

  • Dysfunctional Behavior

A B O U T   US

We provide an Agile solution to help teams learn to work together, collaborate, strategize, and communicate better to improve performance.

Our mission is to help you make lasting change in your organization through simulation, and thereby changing the day to day  life of employees. We aim to provide the fixed limits of time, place, and the rules to play by for better learning. Better learning leads to better performance. Avoid performance issues (performanceitis) by re-engaging your teams.  Agile is a mindset of continuous learning. Join us to change behaviors in a sustainable and fun way.


More than ever companies need to create for the "new normal" an engaged workforce. Companies need to align their purpose, and culture with employees. 

We offer a human experience where:

  • Agile Mini-games can be used to assess learners in a fun way.

  • Agile Teams can learn how to work together

  • A virtual room to help agile teams bond and get them out of storming to performing

  • A space where teams can reflect

  • A learning space where employees could upskill


​Depending on your needs we can customize and provide you with a tailor made solution.​

We begin with a free initial analysis and consultation to determine where your business is today. Through analysis and assessment we will diagnose the problem. We'll then work with you to select which plan will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. 



Maximum Transparency

The game that teaches openness. Its an important element in building teams, and workplace relationships. Gamify your strategy to improve communication through openness at work.


"Since employee engagement is highly related to many performance outcomes -- even more so in tough times -- this unprecedented drop in the percentage of engaged workers has significant potential performance consequences".

Want to help your teams to get better?

Meet The Team



Jonathan is our game designer bringing years of game experience. He has his hand on the pulse of the gaming industry.  Has a natural eye for clean lines, and helps keep the production roadmap.

He develops and creates stories and characters, and helps manage the creative direction of the games. He keeps us on track by continuously prioritizing our work.



Dom is an innovative game programmer with many years of experience with video editing,  and graphic designing. He is passionate about games for learning and is also a coding instructor in game designing.


He is a great team player and an agilist at heart. Dom's favorite game is Super Mario.

LMSEntry (2).png


The game platform designed to engage. Interactive lets you concentrate on what you do best...

We provide you the tools to get teams to perform.



I am the founder of Agile Literacy, an Agile Coach and Trainer. Working closely with Agile teams, I have developed a highly trained muscle for building creative, engaged and innovative talent. My love for growing individuals has led to creating an environment conducive to learning and where individuals can "fail fast, fail often". Through gamification and game based techniques, I support individuals to drive specific behaviors that contribute towards more effective, productive and harmonious working relationships. 



Kishore is our Technical founder and brings over ten years of experience as a solutions architect. His experience as an Agile Technical Leader brings an invaluable perspective to our team. He participates in planning, definition, and high-level design of the solution and exploration of solution alternatives.


He defines, explores, and supports the implementation of enablers to evolve solutions. He fosters built-In quality in all our games. His favorite game is "Unravel".

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